Watch Former Celtic And Man City Striker Give Crazy WWE Style Interview

This is how all post-match interviews should be.
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Post-match interviews can be dull affairs, as exhausted footballers merely trot out tired old cliches while they count down the seconds until they go and get changed.

Thankfully, some players buck the trend and John Guidetti has given  a shining example as to how to best conduct a post-match chat. The former Manchester City and Celtic striker game an energetic performance when he was quizzed following Sweden's 4-1 victory over Denmark in the semi-finals of the U21 European Championships.

With his side having thrashed the much fancied Danes, Guidetti gave the sort of bravado-fuelled responses to the interviewer's questions that you normally only see in the staged environments of the WWE. 

This is exactly the sort of passion that football fans want to see. More of this sort of stuff please.


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