Watch: Goalkeeper Scores A Bizarre Own Goal

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Own goals are possibly the funniest thing in football, especially when they're completely bizarre - this one definitely falls into that category. Frank Sinclair has held the award for the most audacious own goals ever scored for a very long time, although Santiago Vergini may have taken him pretty close with his utterly ludicrous effort in Sunderland's humiliating 8-0 defeat to Southampton last season.

Own goals are often unavoidable deflections or last ditch defending and defenders usually rack up a few in their careers, or a lot in the cases of Richard Dunne, Jamie Carragher and Martin Skrtl. But every so often there's an own goal that not even Gary Neville with all the touch screen technology in the world can explain without using the words 'no idea'. 

Hyde United FC have a whopping 39k twitter followers, largely thanks to their hilarious twitter updates as they failed to win their opening 20 league games last season, and their Goalkeeper will be looking to put this one behind him pretty quickly.