Watch Hollywood Star Singing Chelsea Legend Chant

Jurassic World actor knocks it out of the park.
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When you're a movie star on a promotional press junket, you can often find yourself being interviewed by somewhat specialist interest publications, who ask entirely irrelevant questions to what you're trying to flog.

That's just what happened to Chris Pratt when the Jurassic World actor  when he was interviewed by Match Of The Day magazine. Unsurprisingly the football mag mainly wanted to talk about football, despite the fact that Pratt wasn't there to talk about football and clearly doesn't have any interest in football.

Yet being a good sport, Pratt went along with the nonsense, chatting about Steven Gerrard, David Beckham and even singing along to a Frank Lampard chant.

We'd love to embed the video of Pratt singing said chant but for some reason MOTD have released it on some weird player that won't play nicely with our site (what's wrong with YouTube kids?), so here's the link instead.


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