WATCH: Kolo Toure Had The Game Of His Life Against Madrid

Kolo Toure? More like François Beckenbauer.
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Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Don't know if you saw it last night, but the Madrid vs Liverpool game announced a pretty huge player onto the continental stage: not Raheem Sterling, or Philippe Coutinho, but an Ivorian centre-back by the name of Kolo Toure.

Yes, everyone's favourite fake car salesman and all-round calamity channelled his inner Cannavaro last night against James, Ronaldo and Benzema, displaying himself - somehow - as the best defender in the world. Well, not that good, but he was great.

There were too many vines to show from his performance, from dancing past Benzema to taking four Madrid players out with one header, so they've all been whacked into the one video. Give it a watch.

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