Watch This Absolutely Perfect Prank By Man Utd Boss

The Special One does have a sense of humour after all.
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New Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho showed he does indeed have a sense of humour this week, taking part in genuinely one of the funniest football pranks we've seen in a long time. 

The ex-Chelsea manager sat backstage at the Top Eleven Football Daily show, wired up to feed a 'cleaner' stats and info through a hidden earpiece ready to shout out during filming, much to the bemusement of the panel. 

Our favourite bit is Dave being put on the spot about Austria, squirming in his seat and stuttering just enough to nervously say "yeah......they are pretty good". 

United fans will be hoping Mourinho can raise the team's morale in the dressing room enough to improve on their 5th place finish last season, while Chelsea fans may be wondering if indeed the cleaner was feeding Mourinho tactics last year. Maybe he could give her a job as team doctor.

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