Welcome To Hell! Galatasaray Fan Crank Calls Ashley Young

As if an away game against Galatasaray wasn't intimidating enough, this fan managed to get through to the United winger in his hotel and leave him a message he won't soon forget...
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Galatasaray away is never an enjoyable trip for any team. The fans are passionate about their club and, as a result, provide and intimating and hostile environment. The same can be said of Manchester United, who last night landed in Istanbul ahead of their Group H Champions League encounter with the Turkish outfit. After giving the fans 'the slip' at the airport, one Gala fan took a different approach to welcome United winger Ashley Young to the city. The ingenious supporter managed to get through to the England winger after ringing the hotel and after finally getting through to Young, proclaimed 'Welcome to Hell', before hanging up on the former Aston Villa ace.

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