Wenger Out: Arsenal Fans Furious At Yet Another Atrocious Result

"Sorry, Arsène, I love you, but this is bad."
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Arsenal attack. Arsenal ahead. Arsenal apathetic. Arsenal throw it away, again.

A pattern the whole footballing world is now familiar with, not just in the Arsenal fans who can hardly even bring themselves to go and watch the side anymore judging by the attendance today.

With nothing seeming to improve despite big signings like Mesut Özil, Alexis Sanchez and Petr Cech - all winners in their own right - Arsenal fans are now pretty convinced it's down to one man.

Arsène Wenger is Arsenal's most successful manager, but in the past decade or so he has failed to truly show he can lead Arsenal to any bigger silverware than the FA Cup. Groundhog Day-like failures in the Premier League and Champions League season upon season have led to mass discontent amongst fans.

Is it time Arsenal waved goodbye to Wenger? Or perhaps, if the board is unwilling, Wenger waved goodbye to Arsenal? Twitter seems to think so...


Picture: Arsenal Fan Has A Lie Down At Half Empty Emirates