Wenger Ruffled By Fan Chants And Journalist Questioning

Does he know what he's doing? Wenger doesn't even want you to ask the question...
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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger may not be happy with the same old questions from reporters but he is probably a bit off with his accusation to one in particular that he was suffering from Alzheimer's.

The Gunners boss was being quizzed about the angry reaction from Arsenal fans after a turgid away performance at struggling Aston Villa. A number of decisions made by Wenger during the game, such as substituting off striker Olivier Giroud for defensive midfielder Francis Coquelin, were questioned by both fans and reporters.

Clearly ruffled by the questioning, Wenger challenged journalists for criticizing without having any experience of managing themselves. Also assuring them that if they did take up the job, he would only chant at them "You do know what you're doing!"

In arguing his defence, Wenger claimed that he doesn't need to explain every decision he makes. And when he's been managing at the top for over ten years, has one numerous trophies and arguably transformed coaching methods in British football, he has a point.

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