West Ham, Liverpool & Newcastle Fans: Check Andy Carroll's Old Bebo Page!

Big Andy's past has come back to haunt him. His Bebo account from 2005 is now spreading like wildfire over social media. Here are the best bits...
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West Ham, Liverpool & Newcastle Fans: Check Andy Carroll's Old Bebo Page!

We've all been there,  haven't we? High on adolescent euphoria, right on the cusp on manhood, without realising that the stupid stuff we post on the internet will be looked back on in future years with great hilarity. Well Andy Carroll, like many of us, made a now cringe worthy Bebo account when he was young, and his Bebo account - made long before his move to Liverpool or West Ham, when he was just a wee nipper at Newcastle United - has come to prominence on various online communities today.  The curse of social media strikes again! Here are the highlights:



Me, Myself, and I

Names Andy, im from gateshead, in newcastle i have lived there all my life, but just moved back from preston not long ago due to football. I am 6'4 and i have brown styled hair. I am athletic pretty sporty, i play for newcastle united and england have for a few years. I like all kinds of music, mainly rnb, dance, hip hop. I enjoy spending time with my pals from football and home and havin a drink with them and goin to town. thats about it really u wana know more message me ive got msn add me if you want andrew-carroll@hotmail.co.uk x (he's gonna get a lot of nudges next time he logs on!)


I like a bit of RnB, dance, oldies, indie, slow, rock, abit of everything really.


My favourite film has to be the jungle book its an unreal movie. Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities (amen) Old Mother Nature's recipes That brings the bare necessities of life


Anything really i play football for newcastle united but i like 2 play a lot of other stuff, also liek 2 go 2 the gym everyday and keep toned up

Scared Of

Ive got a big fear for spiders i absolute hate them, also hate stuff like snakes n that (not my snake tho  )


Happiest When

Well am usualy happiest when im out with my friends and family wether its from football or not, or if am spending sum time with me gf if ive got 1


You can view the page in all its glory here.

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