West Ham: Signing Carroll Might Be Big Sam's Worst Ever Decision

He's injury prone and hardly prolific, so hitting our wage ceiling with the signing of him and Downing could prove catastrophic...
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A good solid point for West Ham away to Southampton yesterday, however it has to be said our lack of an attacking threat really is becoming evident. Two goals in four games is really quite worrying.

Maiga cannot play the lone striker role. End of debate. He is absolutely lost up front on his own, watching him wander aimlessly around the Southampton half yesterday was reminiscent of watching a p***** bloke stumble home on a Saturday night after one too many. Didn't really know where he was going or what he was doing, I half expected him to go to the pie stall and ask for a kebab at one stage.

I seem to keep giving the bloke stick, but his lack of effort is really beginning to become a huge pain in my backside. Apparently he looks dynamite in training but to quote someone from twitter "I am really good at flight simulator, but I don't think I could fly a Boeing 737".

We kept Southampton at bay, mainly due to a master class from Finish 'keeper Jussi Jaaskelainen. Collins missed a chance late on for West Ham to win it, but bar that we created little to nothing. I don't know what is more worrying the lack of chances we are creating, or the fact we don't seem to have anyone to convert the few that we do make.


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I am a huge fan of Allardyce, however the fact we shelled out over £5 million for Stewart Downing (who is bloody injured already) doesn't half get my goat.

Ravel Morrison is already showing he has the ability to step up to the plate this year, and I dare say he will start playing in the role that Yossi Benayoun used to, drifting in from the right creating chances. I just think that the buy of Downing was a bit pointless.

David Gold says that no striker would join us, as they would be back up to Andy Carroll, this alone annoyed me because surely no player is a guaranteed starter? Andy Carroll will play a maximum of 25 games a season for West Ham. Due to the nature of his play, he will pick up injuries. He is already sidelined until Christmas due to reports. Why wasn't that fee we paid for Downing, used on a good second striker?

Until Andy Carroll is back, or until the January transfer window opens (whichever comes first), West Ham will struggle to get goals. The board and Sam said all the way back in June, that our priority was fire power, why was nothing done about it?

I don't think we will go down, but I don't think we will improve our tenth place position of last season if the current situation is anything to go by.