West Ham's Latest Signing Wellington Paulista: A Brazilian Fan On Why He'll Flop

English football fans dream of their club signing a Brazilian, but a "paulista" after his name is a tell tale sign of why West Ham's new loan signing Wellington Paulista is going to be a flop.
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West Ham's Latest Signing Wellington Paulista: A Brazilian Football Fan On Why He'll Flop

There is a reason why Brazilian fans look down on English players. They think your footballers have little skill and your managers have a poor taste to get our best assets. That sentiment has skyrocketed since West Ham signed clumsy forward Wellington Paulista from Cruzeiro. Most of the messages from Brazil to East London last week included the words "thank you".

Allow me to give an useful tip to your scouts. Whenever they want to offer a contract to a Brazilian player, always check if they use "paulista", "carioca", "mineiro", "baiano" or "gaucho" after their first names. That shows the state they come from. That nickname very often that means this guy was not a first choice at some point in his career. There are few exceptions to this golden rule.

Wellington is not one of them. 6ft tall and 29-years-old,  his best season came in 2008, when he was the top scorer of Brazil's equivalent to the FA Cup, with 10 goals. His only experience abroad was in Spain's Alaves in 2006-2007. He was on the pitch in 19 occasions then and scored twice. At Cruzeiro he netted 75 in 160 matches. Consider this a player whose best days are way past him.


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He can score with his head, but that isn't a very special asset comparing to the options West Ham has in Carlton Cole and Andy Carroll. Wellington isn't as fast as Marouane Chamakh, but he can cross and play as a winger if necessary. Perhaps that is where he should be for the Hammers: he was the Brazilian Fernando Torres for misses in the penalty box in the last two years.

His success in England is very unlikely, but at least West Ham fans can seek some solace in that this is only a loan signing. If this guy does better than the English players at Upton Park, expect further teasing from Brazilian fans when England turn up to play in the 2014 World Cup.