"We've Got The Title...Now We Want Arsenal's Ramsey" - Man City 2013/14 End Of Season Report

It's been a nearly perfect season this year (apart from in Europe) but I reckon next year may belong to Jose...
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"We've Got The Title...Now We Want Arsenal's Ramsey" - Man City 2013/14 End Of Season Report

What's going right?

Possibly everything. We've just won our second title in three years, and we've won the League Cup - all while playing some glorious football. This is really as good as it gets.

What's not?

*Spoilt fan alert* Europe. We did well in the group stages (beating Bayern was bloody brilliant), but I can't help but feel we should've done much better against a not-so-great Barcelona side. We showed them far too much respect although missing your best forward certainly hurt.

Got the right manager?

'This Charming Man' a banner read against Aston Villa. He's fantastic. Calm, cool and collected, he's every owner's dream. He's like the anti-Mourinho on and off the pitch, preferring his team caught the headlines while playing exhilarating football and winning s***.

Star Player?

Sergio Aguero is our poster boy even though Silva is probably our best player. Then again, Yaya Toure has been our best player this season, f***ing s*** up and racking up some incredible #numbers. A pretty cool thing about our team is that most fans aren't decided on who our best player is, which says alot about the quality we have.

Who would you like to sell in the summer?

No-one, to be honest. Public enemy number one's Demichelis, Dzeko and Garcia have all proved their worth this season. I wouldn't like to sell Micah but sadly he has to go. Rodwell too if we sign a midfielder.

Who do you want to sign?

Well I want Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey but as you know, you can't have everything all at once. Maybe next year. Realistically speaking, a quality center-back to partner Vinnie, a left-back whose fast *and* can cross AND maybe an up-and-coming midfielder who can succeed Yaya Toure.

Best chant so far?

Kompany's after he scored at the Nou Camp or Zabaleta's that seems to ring every game now.

Best opposition player/team you've seen?

The best player has to be Hazard against us at the Etihad in the league or Messi at the Nou Camp. Both played like men possessed.

As for team, Bayern's 3-1 victory over us is the only other game (other being that drubbing we gave) I have on my laptop for a reason. They were superb that game, the epitome of everything City are trying to achieve.

Biggest w***** of the season?

Arsenal's Wilshere. He doesn't deserve happiness.

Funniest moment of the season?

Kompany's own goal against Fulham was a right old laugh but what kind of person would I be if I didn't pick Gerrard slipping on his backside?

Next season's predictions?

I'm fully expecting Mourinho to romp the league so maybe 2nd place. I can also see Pellegrini guiding us on one of his European adventures which would be brilliant. An FA Cup wouldn't be bad either.

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