What Liverpool Fans Would Give To See Xabi Alonso Back At Anfield

Avid Kopites went mental today upon hearing that Xabi Alonso had turned down a new contract at Real Madrid. Here's what the crowd were willing to part with to have their midfield engine back.
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Ok, so Liverpool have got Joe Allen now, and Rodgers will undoubtedly use Lucas Leiva to his full potential, and there have even been rumours that Charlie Adam may be on the next train south, but it still seems as if Kopites would give anything to see Xabi Alonso wear that number 14 again.

"A kidney. And a b*llock" (@lfckop)

"Probably around £250m at current rates" (@gillesoffthenet)

"My complete intact hymen" (@onthenickel)

"Adam, Henderson, Spearing, Carroll" (Darren Hillier)

"Not as much as I would for a younger version of Sami, who left at the same time and was an even bigger loss" (Martin Quirk)

"My left plum" (@NotFrasier)

"Jay Spearing" (@VikashJasani)

"As much as it costs" (@Omar_Geryes)

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