Where Will Falcao Go Next? Real Madrid And Barcelona Compared

There can't be a club in Europe that is yet to be seduced by the phenomenal performances of Radamel Falcao. But which club will eventually entice him from Atlético? Here all the contenders discussed and dissected...
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Where Will Falcao End Up? Chelsea, City, Arsenal, Real Madrid & Barcelona Compared

It’s a story that has more twists and turns than a rural back road in Ireland. The term ‘Exclusive’ has been used time and time again to such an extent that most have forgotten what it actually means but still each week another publication comes out and announces that Radamel Falcao will join X, Y or Z club. There are many possible suitors and the Colombian is the belle of the ball but at the end of the day, he may have little choice in his destination. Before looking at possible clubs for the King of the Europa League, it is vital to look at some background information first.

The details of the deal that saw the man nicknamed ‘The Tiger’ join Atlético de Madrid are shroud in mystery. An investment fund were involved in the deal and there are those saying that from July 2013 the fund have the right to decide where the players goes, leaving the club with no say. If this is true then it is no surprise that the Atleti would want to sell him in January, when they can sell for a price and to a club that suits them. Atlético deny this but do admit that an investment fund is involved. After the victory in the European Super Cup against Chelsea, Atlético’s majority shareholder, Miguel Ángel Gil Marin, said that selling Falcao was not such a bad idea as the transfer fee would clear most of his side’s debts. So who is being rumoured and why should he and why shouldn’t he join those clubs...

Manchester City

Why Should He?

Falcao wants to be part of something big and this season it looks like Manchester City are not going to go far in the Champions League which would set up the perfect entrance for the Colombian. His love and his success in European competitions is well known. He has also shown this season that he is not afraid to get stuck in and put in a tackle or two. He wants silverware and at the Manchester club he knows that is possible. When Kun Agüero was at Atleti he played just behind the former Man United forward Diego Forlán and they formed one of Europe’s most successful partnerships. If Falcao was to sign for City, expect to see another version of that partnership but with one difference: Falcao is better than Forlán and should it click, it will be goals galore. This deal may appeal to Atlético who would like to sign Edin Dzeko in exchange and both clubs already have a type of agreement in regards to youth players.


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Why Shouldn’t He?

For every successful striker they have signed, Manchester City have two failed ones to counter them and there is no guarantee that Falcao is going to be an instant success. In Spain, Barca and Real Madrid get the entire spotlight and should he fail to score it doesn’t become headline news. So what would be his reaction should he suffer a goal drought? He is very proud of his heritage and culture and has attracted a Colombian following at Atlético. Should he leave he might feel a little like a fish out of water. Last season under Gregorio Manzano, Falcao struggled for consistency and the main reason why was due to the rotation system the ex Atleti Coach used. Falcao needs to play and he needs to be surrounded by a familiar nucleus. He struggled when someone tried to mix it up last season, can City make sure he doesn’t struggle again?

Possibility: Atlético would like it and so would City but both clubs need to move fast and should they fail to seal the deal in January, it is hard to see him leaving Spain in the summer.


Why Should He?

With no Drogba, Anelka and a Fernando Torres that depends on the day, Falcao is the striker for Chelsea. He has the strength that Drogba had, on the ground and in the air and he also has a bit of pace. He is deadly accurate in front of goal and just needs to see the slightest opportunity to score. Chelsea have plenty of Spanish-speakers and so he would feel at home and there are also Colombian restaurants and communities in London that would help him settle in. He should find himself getting regular playing time and that should mean buckets of goals.

Why Shouldn’t He?

A lot of pressure from the very start at a club that demands success. The style may not suit, although he is adaptable. While he might get regular games on the pitch, off the field Chelsea have struggled for consistency when it comes to managers. There is also the risk that the bright lights of London may try and take him to the Dark Side like they have done to so many before him but Chelsea will be confident that the force is strong with young Falcao.

Possibility: This may be the deal that would prevent total mayhem breaking out at the Vicente Calderon as Atleti’s board may try and sign former youth product and fan idol Fernando Torres in exchange. With Roman splashing the cash, this may very well come off but as said above, Chelsea needs to work fast.


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Real Madrid

Why Should He?

According to one Madrid radio station it is a done deal and Falcao will sign for Real Madrid next summer. Atlético deny this of course and it would be a disaster to sell one of their prized assets to their bitter rivals but as said above, Atleti may have no choice. With Cristiano Ronaldo already bagging in the goals, one would think that Jose Mourinho’s men don’t need another target man but it is also worth mentioning that Mourinho and Falcao share the same agent, Jorge Mendes. Falcao would give Los Blancos added firepower and also his work rate is something that the Special One appreciates.

Why Shouldn’t He?

With Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuaín fighting to start alongside Ronaldo and youth products José Callejón and Álvaro Morata waiting in the wings it looks like a full house at Real Madrid. With Mourinho’s squad, that issue of consistency and playing time raises its head again. Yet, Falcao is a man who knows how to get what he wants and will work hard for it.

Possibility: The favourite


Why Should He?

Why wouldn’t he want to play with the best and possibly the greatest player the world has seen? Last season Pep Guardiola expressed his admiration for the forward but Pep isn’t there any more. With David Villa getting on and Barca sometimes lacking an alternative forward to Messi, Falcao would be the perfect fit for Barcelona. It is in this humble writers opinion that the reason why Barcelona lost the league last season was their failure to sign a replacement for the then injured Villa. With rumours that Villa wants out because he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Messi, Falcao would be the perfect replacement.

Why Shouldn’t He?

Does he want to play second fiddle to Messi? In fact at this Barcelona side he may very well find himself playing sixth or seventh fiddle. Falcao has always held the spotlight and so may feel a little dejected if he is ignored, although it is fair to say the player doesn’t hog the limelight. As mentioned above, consistency and regular games could be an issue and Barcelona are rumoured to be closing in on Neymar too and so Falcao could find himself as the third wheel.

Possibility: A decent bet.


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Other Possible Destinations

Returning to England, the British press said a few months ago that Arsenal was interested but only if they could get him on the cheap. He is exactly what the Gunners need but Arsene Wenger is never going to pay more than €40m for him and with Arsenal still working out their problems and the Colombian wanting to compete at the very top and on all levels, this deal is very unlikely.

Of course we must mention PSG but Falcao seemed to poor cold water over any deal when he said he wanted to play for a big side with history of competing at the top. This may also rule out a move to Russia but with his agent, Mendes, don’t count on it.

Juventus in Italy would also be keen but his transfer fee and wage demands may see them go for Fernando Llorente again. Bayern Munich may be sounded out but they may be in a similar situation to the Turin giants.

Another possibility, and it may be a faint one but football is a funny old game, is that he stays put! He has a great relationship with Diego Simeone, the fans love him and Atlético are on the rise (Although we have heard that many times before). Yet the sad reality of this deal is the fact that the player’s wishes may not even come into it all.