Why Arsenal Desperately Need To Sign Newcastle Ace For £10mil

Arsene needs a striker if he's going to be able to progress with Arsenal and Loic Remy just happens to have a very affordable buyout clause...
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Why Arsenal Desperately Need To Sign Newcastle Ace For £10mil

No one can doubt the impact of Loic Remy at Newcastle United this season.

With him they're a fast force to be reckoned with, a razor-sharp focal point who the entire side look to for goals. Without him they've looked about as dangerous as one of those plastic pots of natural yoghurt.

Arsenal need someone quickly. Sloppy Ollie Giroud, while handsome, has looked uninterested and, frankly, out of depth as the only serious striking option available to a team challenging for the league title. Giroud's too slow to fit with Arsenal's playing style - too immobile. They need someone fast, looking to turn defenders and someone who likes the ball slipped through or popped over the top.

Loic Remy is that man and there's very few people of the requisite quality, of an affordable price, that are available right now and, according to talkSPORT, it would seem that Arsenal are looking to pay that £10million buyout clause...

'urry up, Arsene. Come one.


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