Why Liverpool Fans Should Stop Moaning & Get A Grip

Moaning about the formation? Banging on about Gerrard? Rumbling about the SAS? WE'RE THIRD FOR GOD'S SAKE...
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The Liverpool Echo reports that Glenn Johnson will return to the Liverpool side against Fulham. It also reports that Jose Enrique will be back. My reaction? 'Thank Christ for that' - genuinely never expected to feel that way.

It's been a long old week, a week of recriminations and complaints, a week of dissatisfaction and suggestion, of websites and forums putting forward their explanations as to exactly what is wrong with Liverpool, giving their reasoning for the depths that we've fallen to.

We need to abandon the 3-5-2 system; it doesn't work. We need to drop Gerrard; he's past it, he's a liability, he's holding back the development of others. Joe Allen should be playing; he's the answer to the system that Rodgers wants to play, he'll make it work (yes, we know what we said last season about him being over priced and overrated but this is what we mean now.)

Get. A. Sodding. Grip.

We're third in the table. On goal difference. Our target at the beginning of the season was to get back into the top four. Last time I looked that's exactly where we were and a win last Saturday would have us sitting at the top of the table.

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That we didn't win against an Arsenal side that looked pretty damn impeccable and went on to beat Borussia Dortmund on their own ground is no disgrace. The week has been spent complaining that Liverpool were awful, nobody seems to have noticed that Arsenal were excellent and it may just have been that their strengths won the game rather than that Liverpool's deficiencies lost it. The best team won. End of.

Two games lost all season so far and if we were to choose a team to bounce us back into winning ways then Fulham would come fairly high on the list at the moment; one win in their last thirty two visits to Anfield, Martin Jol racing head to head with Chris Houghton to become William Hill's next pay out and a centre forward who just plain can't be bothered (watch Berbatov finally wake up now), a defence that would be best described as less than resolute.

What would we have changed last week if given carte Blanche before kick off? We'd have all put Johnson in for Flanagan (who did no wrong); Brendan sent out the team that we would have all sent out.

The midfield does need sorting out, the one holding and two pushing system that worked against West Brom is perfect for this weekend and while I will happily defend Steven Gerrard (if for no other reason than that he. Is. Steven. Gerrard.) I would  like to see him rested once in a while, like to see him not have to play every second of every game; save him, maximise him, give Allen or Henderson or Luis Alberto a chance to play his role - it's their natural position after all.

Lose 3-5-2 as other systems would still get the best out of Suarez and Sturridge? 3-5-2 gets the best out of Coutinho and reduces the risk of Enrique having to actually defend, we all loved it until 7pm last Saturday, crack on.

Take your doom and gloom, I'm not interested in it; we beat Fulham, United hold Arsenal to a draw and we're three points off first place again. West Brom get a draw at Chelsea and we're ahead of Jose's mercenaries.

Yes its a work in progress (motto of the season) but it's all good, it's going in the right direction. Stop complaining, everything's going to be wonderful. Starting again this weekend.