Why Liverpool Would Be Idiots To Let Sterling Join Real Madrid

Learn from your mistakes, already.
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Why Liverpool Would Be Idiots To Let Sterling Join Real Madrid

Like, really.

In this post-Suarez landscape at Anfield, Liverpool must rely on their new SAS. The reason that that acronym stuck was not just because Liverpool fans are ludicrously inclined to skin-crawlingly embarrassing nicknames ("Manure", anyone? No?) but they were a genuine partnership who were on that front-line and dragging the rest of the team behind it. If it didn't annoy Suarez so much, someone might've even referred to them as Rodgers' version of The Black Watch.

Sterling is no Suarez - not yet - but there are few players that can match what he can do to a game. Changing the pace at will, terrifying defenders, moving the ball quickly and intelligently, running backlines ragged, scoring goals, setting up goals - all that's exactly the reason why better, bigger teams than LFC are sniffing around.

The Mirror are claiming that Real are going to line-up a massive bid for Sterling in the summer as a new contract at Liverpool has not yet been put in place - that'd be totally disastrous. While they'd probably get a tasty wedge for the player, who else is out there that can prove such an instant impact? Isco? Not likely. Not in the same way, anyway. Too Coutinho-y.

So Liverpool fans, what'd be your choice? Take the money and run or desperately try to hold onto another key man and pray that you don't end up losing him for nothing?


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