Why Liverpool's Joe Allen Would Be A Great Signing For Man United

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Why Liverpool's Joe Allen Would Be A Great Signing For Man United

From the rubble of United's mauling at the hands of the mighty MK Dons, fans were treated to one of the least expected rumours in quite some time.

Joe Allen, he of excellent pass completion rates and warming that LFC bench, is a target from Louis Van Gaal with a rumoured £20million bid being mentioned by the Mirror.

Fans on both sides were stunned but really they needn't be. Joe Allen is a technically excellent midfielder who deserves better than the twenty minute cameos he's usually handed by Rodgers at Liverpool. He's not the kind of player to come on off the bench and change a game but he's a man around who a team can revolve.

"The Midfield Metronome" was a cliché well-used during Pep Guardiola's time with Barça and Allen could be just that man: getting and giving, keeping the game moving along at one helluva clip - something that United are sorely lacking. Their slow, ponderous midfield the stuff of Twitter memes.

The signing of Ander Herrera could be the dealbreaker but there's no guarantee the Spaniard will immediately take to the Prem and there's no reason why they couldn't - theoretically - play together.

In this market, £20million could be a total snip. Oh and he doesn't have HALF the injury issues ol' Vidal has...

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