Why Man United Should Nick Antoine Greizmann From Under Arsenal's Nose

Both Arsenal and United are looking to bolster their squads with the signing of Sociedad's flying Frenchman - but here's why he's better suited to Moyes' side...
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Why Man United Should Sign Antoine Greizmann Instead Of Arsenal

That United haven't been very good lately is not going to be news to anyone with functional eyes, ears and internet modems and Moyes' side are in dire need of a clean out. In contrast, Arsenal have been pretty darn good this year - save for the odd regression into Arsene's old toothless also-rans.

According to the Mirror, United have been chasing Sociedad's French international winger Antoine Greizmann and so have Arsenal and, well, Arsenal simply don't need him. Their game isn't reliant on wingers so much as a reasonably tight line of three attacking-midfielders behind a lone striker (hello Ollie Giroud, standing over there, in the cold) whereas United are all about the wingers - made more evident by their four-hundred crosses per game average*.

Greizmann can play as an AM but he isn't as suited to Arsenal's play as he would be to United - especially with Nani, Young and Valencia all possible exitees from the north-east.

While decision has been split on whether on not Griezmann is the 'real deal', the 22-year-old's certainly been very impressive so far this season - striking 15 times from wide in 23 games in La Liga. Not bad for a player at a traditionally unfashionable side coming to terms with becoming very fashionable very quickly after their surprise entry into last season's Champions League marked them as the new favourite team of preening hipsters the internet over.

So how about it, assorted United and Arsenal fans? Who should sign him?

*only a slight exaggeration


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