Why Man Utd Fans Are Set To Cheer On Man City Against Roma

Desire to have a decent midfielder vs. hatred for Manchester City.
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Why Man Utd Fans Are Set To Cheer On Man City Against Roma

TV commentators might believe that supporters of rival clubs put aside their hatred to root for English sides in Europe but any real fan knows that this is nonsense.

There's actually few things more satisfying than watching your rivals crash and burn in European competition, yet Manchester United fans might find themselves cheering on their bitter neighbours City when the Premier League champions face Roma this week.

The Mirror reports that Manchester United target Kevin Strootman could be sold by Roma in January but only if they are eliminated from the Champions League. This presents something of a dilemma for United supporters - root for City and gain a much-needed midfielder - or hope they experience another heartbreaking Champions League night?

It's a tough one but this video of Strootman in action might persuade some United fans to abandon their usual mindset.


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