Why Spurs Should Go All Out For Man United's Danny Welbeck

Could the England striker be on his way out of Old Trafford already?
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Why Spurs Should Go All Out For Man United's Danny Welbeck

According to reports in the Guardian this weekend, Man United forward and the game's most prominent flat-top owner Danny Welbeck has claimed that he may be forced to leave Old Trafford as his search for regular, first-team Premier League football has - as yet - been unsuccessful.

It's a shame for a player who has (often literally) come on in leaps and bounds, and his emergence was cemented with a barn-storming display against Bayern Munich where his direct style and "Sod this, I'm just gonna run really fast with this ball" dribbling left defenders longing for last season's Oktoberfest-inspired brown kit.

If a move away does materialise, it's rudderless Spurs who have apparently stuck their head above the transfer parapet. He's just the kind of player they need: someone who can provide what Andros Townsend threatened to do - attack at will and terrify opposition defences.

Unlike Townsend, however, Welbeck has more than a little nuance about his game and is extremely versatile, allowing whoever fills the WHL Gilet Void to play him as a lone striker, a second striker, from either flank or even in a slight deeper role where his pace and power can create dangerous runs from very deep.

Of course, all this depends on whether LVG fancies him and whether or not he has one of those World Cups. Spurs will be hoping for the best.


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