You Won't Believe Which Man Utd Legend Is Tipped To Become Chelsea Boss

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The former Sky Sports host Richard Keys has picked a bizarre name to succeed Jose Mourinho at Chelsea.

Rather than Pep Guardiola or Diego Simeone, Keys thinks that Chelsea should go British (he doesn't explain why) and what's more he thinks they should appoint a British man who has never actually managed a team before.

On his consistently comical blog, Keys wrote:

"Now, let me stress, right now there isn’t a vacancy, but if there was why couldn’t Chelsea go British? (ST: Because there aren't any successful British managers Richard)

"I’m serious. Here’s a thought – what about Gary Neville? Why not?" (ST: Because he's never managed a team before Richard)

"He’s coached at the highest level with England (ST: Yeah, and they didn't win a single game at the World Cup). He’s handled big players during his time with England. He sees a game that few others do and more often than not he’s got the answers to coaching problems at most clubs.

"He’s never shirked a tackle or a battle. He’s ready to put into practice what he believes in surely? (ST: We're sure he is, but the trouble is that Chelsea quite obviously aren't going to give him the job)

Basically Richard, there is more chance of you and Andy Gray being poached to present Women's Hour on Radio 4, than there is of Gary Neville being given his start in management by Chelsea.


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