Yuto Nagatomo: Liverpool Need To Replace Cissokho With The Japanese Flyer

Fast, strong, skilful and talented - the current Asian Player Of The Year is everything that Cissokho is not...
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Yuto Nagatomo: Why Liverpool Need To Replace Cissokho With Japanese Flyer

With dodgy-gobbed French full-back Aly Cissoko proving about as handy on the ball as a traffic cone, Liverpool's chilled-out entertainer/manager Brendan Rodgers needs to shore up his team with the signing of Internazionale's former AFC Asian International Player of the Year, Japanese star Yuto Nagatomo.

The 27-year-old is in his prime, faster than a greased-up rocket (not a euphemism), blessed with close control, skill and a wicked cross, there's no reason why the Reds shouldn't stump up a few million to sign one of the most underrated wingbacks in world football. Oh and he's alright at defending, too.


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