Zagreb Manager Reveals How To Beat 'Predictable' Arsenal Ahead Of Chelsea Game

"It's nothing new"
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Arsenal slumped to another embarrassing European defeat last night, this time at the hands of Dinamo Zagreb. 

Speaking this morning, Zagreb manager Zoran Mamic even went as far as revealing how his side comfortably beat Arsenal, simply by copying tactics employed by other teams.

"Arsenal is one of the best teams who ever played here and they did exactly what we agreed they would do,” said Mamic

“We thought it would be very important to close the middle, to stop the fast passes."

“That’s what we did and it’s nothing new.”

“We have already seen other teams who beat Arsenal use the same tactics. This is a good way to beat them,” he said.

“Arsenal has top four top international players, and other top players compared to Dinamo, but they are not world class.

“We just concentrated in not letting them come to the ball. It was probably one our best games tactically.”

This isn't good news for Wenger. Predictability is a huge downfall for sides hoping for victory in domestic or European competitions. If Dinamo Zagreb know how to overcome Arsenal's world class line-up, it shouldn't be too testing for the likes to Man Utd and Liverpool. 

Arsenal take on Chelsea this weekend at Stamford Bridge. You can bet Mourinho will be making a few long distance calls to Croatia this week.