Zai Spada Skis

When you think of skis you’d quite rightly picture of something made from carbon fibre, glass fibre, Kevlar or any number of other such polymers or composite materials.
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You certainly wouldn’t bring to mind a pair of skis made out of stone, even when Fred Flintstone hit the slopes it was wood he had strapped to his feet. All that is set to change though, now that Swiss company Zai have become the first company in the world to incorporate stone in their skis, using it as the core of their new Spada models, a revolutionary idea that according to them gives the skis amazing properties. Wrapped in carbon fibre to allow it to flex without breaking the stone produces an impressive dampening effect and opens up a whole new dimension in effortless smoothness and agility.  They don’t just use any stone either, at the heart of the ski and viewable through small windows in the surface is the Grisons gneiss from the Calancatal valley, each piece unique and with different graining. All this exclusivity can be yours for £3800 a pair, including bindings and poles.