5 Of The Best Argos Product Recalls

Does anybody really not fancy shopping anymore?
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There is a section of the Argos website which lists all the products which have been recalled due to a manufacturer's fault. Never before did we realise, until browsing it today, the potential death trap we've turned our home into, where mundane objects like beaded curtains become deadly strangulation death instruments or where Justin Bieber t-shirts could burst into flames. Here's some of our choice picks:

First up, a beaded curtain.....


"We have become aware of a problem affecting the Beaded Door Curtain.

It is possible that the strings which consist of small plastic hearts may become entangled. This could pose a strangulation hazard.

You should STOP USING the product immediately and remove it from your door frame. It should be returned to store for a full refund."

Next, a garden reindeer...


"We have become aware of a problem affecting the Argos Nodding Reindeer Silhouette Christmas Decoration.

It is possible that the product may suffer an electrical fault leading to a potential risk of electric shock when handling the product in use.

If you have an example of one of these reindeers:please stop using it immediately and return the product to your nearest Argos store for a full refund."

Justin Bieber t-shirts....


"We have been advised by our Quality Assurance Department of a safety concern with these products.

The products do not comply with the flammability requirements for nightdresses and could pose a risk if your child is exposed to an open fire or flame.

Please could you STOP USING the products immediately and return them to store for a refund."

A chest of drawers....


"Four items from our wood and canvas range sold between 19th January and 22nd March 2013 should be returned as a precautionary measure. Although extremely unlikely, a very small number of items may have insects in the timber used for the products sold within this period. The insects are not harmful and pose no risk to you or your property.

Please return the following products to store for a full refund or an alternative product."

A chair (this one sounds pretty funny)


"It has been identified that there is a risk that the base of the chair can detach from the support base plate, causing the user to fall. As a precaution we are recalling the product."

For a full list of recalled products, click here.