5 Videos That Prove Goats Are Properly Weird

Seriously, what are they doing?
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I've long struggled with the concept of goats. My brain just won't compute their odd farm animal-hybrid appearance, all flappy ears and weird tongues.

Ask a child, what does a sheep say? Baaaa. What does a pig say? Oink oink. What does a goat say.....? Baaaa? No, that's a sheep. Doesn't a goat have its own noise? They just seem to fit into a gap that isn't there, and strangest of all they don't obey the regular laws of physics. If a dog did half the things goats do it'd be on stage in front of Simon Cowell, but we just accept that goats can do impossible shit because they're goats, and that's OK is it? You're alright with that?

I wouldn't be surprised if they're actually just a glitch in the Matrix. In fact, here are 5 videos to prove that they are without doubt the weirdest animals on God's green earth, and we should probably be taking more notice.

They Make Weird Noises

They do shit like this

They defy gravity (this is a big one)

They can stand on vertical surfaces

They can speak like humans


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