Chanel 4 And Ronseal Have Been Arguing On Telly

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Has anyone else seen Ronseal and Channel 4 arguing recently? It all started during Gogglebox on the Friday of the May Day Bank Holiday, where a tub of Ronseal actually started battling the Channel 4 logo.

Turns out it wasn't just us who caught it - the adverts really did break the fourth wall as Channel 4 and Ronseal went head to head for viewers' attention.

TV-watchers were left open mouthed as Alex Brooker (the voiceover bloke on Channel 4) urged Ronseal to literally ‘wind their neck in’ as a tub of Ronseal One Coat Fence Life kicked off with the channel’s iconic blocks. Never one to duck a challenge, Ronseal hit back before security was called....

As all this was happening, Channel 4 and Ronseal were carrying on their little spat on Twitter too.


And they even popped up on Facebook when people were least expecting it.

Since then, Ronseal and Channel 4 have been taking their beef across all different types of programming. Nowhere seems safe. Viewers watching property, sport and entertainment shows and even films have been subject to more cheeky chat and top-notch banter.

We spoke to Ronseal and they said: “We’re fuming! We were looking forward to getting the nation’s fences sorted this summer but for six weeks now Channel 4 has been telling people to spend their whole weekend watching telly instead. Imagine how great people could feel if they’d get up off that sofa, go out and get that DIY done.”

You can see the campaign in full and connect on social using: #RonsealTheWeekend