Chas And Dave In New York, 1976

"Gertcha, I'm walkin' here!"
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Turns out before they became famous for singing about rabbits and Spurs, Chas n Dave were big faces in New York in the '70s. This tumblr from @MrGodfrey shows them in their celebrity heyday. Bit different from a knees up down the Dog & Duck. 

As the site explains: "In 1976, yet to achieve major success, north London musicians Chas and Dave travelled to New York to rethink their career and search for new inspiration. Manhattan adored them, and they partied for months, mingling with some of the city's most influential figures. Then punk broke. Inspired to sing in their own accents, a reinvigorated Chas and Dave returned to England to work on some startling new material. The rest is rockney history."


Photos courtesy of @MrGodfrey