Dad Goes Out For Christmas Piss-Up With Mates. Wakes Up In France.

Sure it seemed like a good idea at the time...
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Shawn Smith certainly had an eventful Christmas booze-up this year, as the self-employed plasterer ended the session 300 miles away in France.

After meeting a couple of mates for a few in the local, the 48 year old decided it'd be a great idea to join the blokes for an overnight adventure to stock up on cheap tobacco in Belgium. Smith managed to get across the borders undetected after falling asleep in the back of the van, and was only stopped by French customs officials on the way back, who forced him to go to Paris for an emergency passport.

Smith had never previously left the UK but was born in Germany, meaning proceedings took an extra week while officials checked his nationality.

Fair play, that is one expensive hangover.


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