Dumped Bloke Publishes Book Of '101 Ways To Use Your Ex Wife's Wedding Dress'

She told him to do whatever the fuck he wants with it - and he did.
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When Kevin Cotter's wife of 12 years left him, telling him to "do what you fucking like" with her wedding dress, his first thought was probably to chuck it in the bin.

Luckily he had a better idea. 101 of them in fact, which he's now compiled into a book. The list includes shower curtain, tow-rope, Santa sack, mosquito net, juice strainer, and our favourite of them all - drag race parachute.

He says on his website:

A little while after my ex-wife dumped me and her dress an idea was born. Over dinner with my parents and brother and sister-in-law I explained that I had her dress and that I did not know what I should do with it. A few creative suggestions were made and we agreed it would be fun to come up with a list of all the ways a wedding dress could be used. Not all of the applications on the original list were put into action. Quite a few of the 101 uses in my book came from suggestions on my blog. I thank my family and the people who commented on my website for this list of 101 uses for my ex-wife’s wedding dress.

You can buy the book here