Fact Off! Everything You Never Knew You Didn't Want To Know About The Olympics

Do you enjoy random but always hilarious Olympic facts? Well read on to find out more about the great Fact Off! kindle edition detailing swathes of home truths about London 2012...


Are you tired of the Olympic hype already? Or perhaps enjoy the very British pastime of moaning about the Games? Or you just want a laugh about London 2012?

Well the new kindle book 

Fact Off! Everything you never knew you didn't want to know about the Olympics

 is available to purchase now from



To get you in the spirit, here's 10 of our favourite Olympic facts extracted from the book;

  1. Over 16,000 badgers were made homeless by the construction of the London 2012 games. Organisers later apologised for not wiping out the squirrels too.
  2. The word 'Olympics' translates into Greek as 'Olympics'.
  3. Russian shot putter Oleg Kruchcov caused controversy in the 1972 Olympics, when instead of throwing a shot, he launched his shoe.
  4. Even though North Korea does not compete in the Olympics, they still, according to their own nightly news bulletins, win every event with ease.
  5. After taking ecstasy at the 1988 Seoul Games, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson invented acid house.
  6. The little known Apartheid Games were staged every four years in South Africa. There was just one event: white men beating black men with sticks.
  7. Testicle flicking was an official event at the Seoul 88 Olympiad.
  8. London, the 2012 host city is home to 697 vampires.
  9. When the Olympic Torch arrived in Wales this year it brought fire to the region for the very first time.
  10. The 1944 Olympics in London were cancelled as people chose to watch WW2 on TV instead.

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