Man Winds His Mate Up After Housesitting For A Week

A soap conspiracy. Sure.
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Ever had someone house sit? Did he feed the pets? Collect the mail? Bruise his penis? What? You didn’t quite catch the last one? Well neither did a certain homeowner when this note was left behind when they came back from out of town.

Posted on reddit by the homowner’s sosomething profile, written underneath was a note explaining, ‘I’m sure he was trolling us. He’s the kind of person I trust to watch over my house.’

From, ‘jumped on trampoline, bruised penis,’ to, ‘welcome home – don’t look under back deck (noises should subside in time),’ this note describes what would have been one of the weirdest house sittings there’s been. With a conspiracy about soap, and odd tasting silverware also involved, maybe next time the sitter shouldn’t be left alone, or let in the house at all?


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