Mumsnet Forum Starts Worldwide Penis Beaker Debate

Wondering "what is a penis beaker?" Read on...
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Mumsnet offer up some absolute gold every once in a while. Today is one of those days. A forum discussion started about a 'penis beaker', a cup of water placed beside the bed for the purpose of post-coital cleaning or 'dunking' by the male. We've just lost an hour reading through the replies. Expect #penisbeaker to be trending and a full blown discussion on Loose Women this week, guaranteed.

The original post asked...


Some of the replies are incredible...

I don't have a dedicated cup. Sometimes I'll just spit into an empty crisp packet and lower myself into it carefully.

I have heard of one other person that does this. His name was Keith and his ex-wife told everyone in the pub and we laughed at him, that was 20 years ago and I still think of it every time I see him.

Jesus Christ

We have a Sainsbury's bleach spray and some kitchen roll.

Does anyone else get the penis beaker when they have a drink at your house? That would be awkward

Is the water cold? Would it not overflow during dunking and create more mess?

Next to my four post I have a velvet box full of various silks which I use to clean Rupert

Read the full post here. It's worth it.