Police Called After Neighbour Puts Up "Creepy" Picture Of Cliff Richard In Window

These two won't be going on any Summer Holidays together...
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[Photo: The Argus]

East Sussex police were called to a property in Brighton this week after a neighbour complained that a picture of Cliff Richard had been placed in a window.

James Maltby says his neighbour was intentionally antagonising him after an argument over a breach of planning rules, and placed the grinning face of Sir Cliff in the window to "send a message".

He told The Argus: "I woke up and he has stuck a picture in his window of a face of Cliff Richard looking down at us. I called the police and they said there was nothing they can do about it."

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The neighbour has reacted by saying he was "surprised" at the allegations, and has taken the photo down after what he called a "bizarre misunderstanding".


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