Rejected Eurovision Song Is UKIP's Worst Nightmare

Is this the most Swedish thing of all time?
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There are some songs you can't un-hear. Have a listen to this. This song was rejected in 2008 to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest, and it's easy to see why. This is a good bet for the cheesiest song of all time.

The song - bluntly titled 'I Love Europe' - is a saccharine-sweet ode to the brilliance of the European Union, with lyrics so ridiculous they'd make Nigel Farage eat a load of Tolberones and drive to Dundee in his bare feet.

Europe, according to Christer Sjogren, is "a place for you and me" where "we're a part of one big family". That's a nice idea, Christer, but as anyone who's been to Paris will tell you, you can expect to be the black sheep of the family if you ask for directions in English.

Play this at your front door if UKIP ever come knocking, and you'll have them darting back down the driveway, never to be seen again. Promise.


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