Remember When Jaden Smith Discovered New Levels Of Insane?

Jaden goes #deep.
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You can just imagine Jaden and his pals sitting there as he writes.

They're sprawled out, Jaden laying on a massive luxe sofa like one of the surfer kids from Less Than Zero, eyes rolling back in a huge glass mansion in the hills or by the beach. There are bodies all over the room, there's those twins from The Suite Life With Zack & Cody pacing around, panicking. There's probably a dead body in the back, some floor-runner. No one will miss him. They can get their own latté on set, it's No Big Deal.

He's probably sitting there talking into Siri - "Siri tweet this..." and he trails off. Hangers on, nod contemplatively as they overhear and snap their fingers in appreciation as he spouts some utter, utter bollocks about Jupiter and cupcakes.

Hollywood's dead weird.