The Women We All Secretly Fancy, Part 4

They might not be the most obvious choices, but I'd still like to single them out for some special attention...
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Edwina Currie

She shagged John Major, but don't hold that against her - Edwina Currie was, and is, a bit of alright. As far as Tory MPs go, anyway. In 1986, she became Junior Health Minister before becoming MEP for South Derbyshire, and needless to say, I'd like to give her Cabinet a reshuffle ...if you know what I mean. (I don't)

Kevin's mum from 'Home Alone'

Despite being OFFICIALLY the worst mother of all time (take that, Katona), I wouldn't mind getting left home alone with Mrs McCallister. Or even in the back of John Candy's weird van. Not fussy.

Bianca Jackson

She DEFINITELY smells like chip fat and Impulse, but there's something about Albert Square's hottest ginger, Bianca - The ultimate rough diamond (well, Argos 9 carat cubic zirconia), you just know that she'd do the business, make you mop up and then send you to get her a cuppa and a Wagon Wheel before you could say RICKAYYYY.

Aunt Vivian from 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air'

She was the sultry matriarch of the Bel Air mansion that housed a charming young delinquent called Will Smith. You see, Will was born and raised in West Philadelphia, spending most of his days playing basketball, among other things (yeah that's enough. Ed). Most of the time Vivian was just your bog standard Auntie character, but every once in a while the real Vivian would escape: her voice would lower, her eyes narrow, as she made some kind of sassy sexual reference to get Uncle Phil hot under his 32'' collar, which would in turn make the audience lose their shit and shout 'WOOOOOOO'. An animal behind closed doors, you just knew it.

Janice from 'Friends'

Against a backdrop of beautiful and funny New York twenty-somethings, Janice was written into everyone's favourite hangover show as Chandler's annoying on-off girlfriend. With a gunfire nasal laugh and a whiney, 3am-car-alarm drone, her appearances were supposed to be irritating, but hotter than a cup of Central Perk's finest cwoffee, we'd gladly take her up the Lower East.


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The Women We All Secretly Fancy