Tony Abbott - 6 Instances Of The Aussie PM Acting The Flaming Galah

Thought George Bush was dumb? Well Australia's new PM Tony Abbott is even stupider.
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On top of his unsavoury views on immigration, abortion, religion, women's rights and climate change, Abbott has also gained a reputation as a moron of epic proportions during his relatively short political career. From the funny to the down right disturbing, here are a few of his most memorable moments:

1. Abbott demonstrates his public speaking skills in a high profile interview:

2. Abbott describes himself as "not a mysogynist". Apparently this is a very funny statement. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

3. Abbott attempts to stop a vote in parliament by literally running out of the room. The speaker responds by telling security to "Lock the Doors"


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4. Abbot defends his stance on homosexuality: "I know some gay people extremely well..."

5. Tony Abbott gets cosey with a teenage Netballers. "A bit of body contact never hurt anyone!"

6. And finally...

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