10 Things I Learned This Week

Because every day's a school day...
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i) Those price comparison meerkats are voiced by Simon Greenall, aka Alan Partridge's Michael.

ii) CS Lewis didn't have joints in his thumbs.

iii) Oliver! creator Lionel Bart wrote Living Doll for Cliff Richard.

iv) Ian Botham has a tattoo.

v) The script for classic British horror movie The Innocents was co-written by Rumpole Of The Bailey's John Mortimer.


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vi) Keith Moon once spent a night in the cells of my local police station.

vii) Murderer Donald Neilson (aka The Black Panther) used to hate it when people confused him with serial killer Dennis Nilsen.

viii) There might be as many as four seperate speices of killer whale.

ix) The Shining's actually quite a dull film.

x) My youngest nephew's a very good Bollywood dancer.