20 Cool Things We’ve Learnt From Comics

Tim Leong knows far too much about superheroes and you should buy his book, 'Super Graphic: A Visual Guide To The Comic Book Universe'.
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We haven’t had our nose out of this book for 24 hours. If you’re slightly into comics like Antman, The Walking Dead or even MAD, you should get this. Honestly, it’ll change your life. Here are 20 of our favourite facts.

1. There are 9 Superheros who fit into both ‘Underwear on the outside’ and the ‘tragically dead parents’ categories. They are, of course: Green Lantern, Spiderman, Wolverine, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Magneto, Superman, Doctor Fate and Robin.

2. The heaviest Super character from the Marvel and DC universes is Juggernaut at 1,900lbs. The lightest is Doll Man at 7.5lbs.

3. There are 52 separate Earths in the DC Universe, including one where Bruce Wayne became The Green Lantern and another where The Axis powers won WW2. Frank Miller’s seminal The Dark Knight Returns is actually set on Earth 31.

4. In The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon from the 80s and 90s, the turtles’ pizza orders included: peanut butter and clams, granola and liquorice, and salami and double yoghurt. Strangely, in the first 10 of the original comic books, the turtles order ZERO pizzas.


5. Wayne Enterpries makes Stark Industries look like a lemonade stand. The latter is valued at $20.3 billion, whilst Wayne’s world is worth $31.3 billion.

6. The Flash has beaten Superman in a race 3 times. First in 1970, then in 78, and finally in 1990. This means they’re due a rematch.

7.  The Joker once had his own utility belt. This was packed with joke shop staples such as exploding cigarettes and itching powder capsules. This idea was quickly sacked off after 1952.

8. Between issues 52 and 79 and 84 and 100 of The Walking Dead not a single person was killed by a zombie. Overall, 79% of deaths were caused by humans because we’re all such massive shits.

9. The Punisher has won 86% of battles, making him the hardest sonuvabitch in comic books. Doctor Octopus has lost 64% of fights, because he’s a specky wally.

10. After Spiderman freed himself from the Venom Symbiote, the pesky alien went on to bind itself to 15 other people. Yikes.

11. The X-Men’s Lockheed/SHIELD (RS150) Blackbird has a max payload of 20,000lbs, while The Avenger’s Stark International Quinjet A-1 has a paltry 4,000lbs. However, it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it. Right mum?

12. In the first Punisher movie, Frank Castle bodied 60 people. In the second, it was 22, and the third took it up a notch to 97. In the comics (1974-2011) he’s killed 48,502 people. That’s FORTY EIGHT THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED AND TWO dead bodies.


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13. X-men adversaries The Hellfire Club live next to Central Park, Manhattan and are literally next door neighbours to Tony Stark.

14. Aunt May was dead from mid ’95 to mid ’98, but you can’t keep a good woman down and Spidey ended up doing a deal with Mephisto to bring her back.

15. Chris Evans (not the ginger one) has been in the most Superhero films out of anyone, ever. His resume so far reads: Fantastic Four, TMNT, Fantastic Four 2, The Losers, Scott Pilgrim, Captain America and The Avengers, as well as the forthcoming Avengers 2 and Cap 2. That’s a total of 9, which is 8 more than I’ve been in.


16. Historically, increases in the price of DC’s titles have always come about two years after Marvel have hiked theirs up.

17. The population of GothamCity is 5,554,285, Metropolis is 6,942,857 and Kingdom of Wakanda is 6,000,000.

18. The average man survives for 19 issues of The Walking Dead. Women cop it after 17. If you’re white, you can also expect to stick around for 19 issues, but if you’re black, you’ve got 14. Latinos on the other hand, can expect to stay around for 20.


19. When DC comics let fans decide whether to kill Jason Todd’s Robin in 1988, 51% said KILL and 49% said SAVE, which should have been close enough for a re-count!

20. A tenth of the Gotham City Police Department’s budget goes on the Batsignal. You’d think Bruce would help out.

For more bloody awesomeness, buy ‘Super Graphic: A Visual Guide To The Comic Book Universe’ here and follow Tim Leong here.

Tom Ward is not as interesting, but if you really want to, you can follow him here, and buy his book (which is not about superheroes) here.