20 Things That Get Old When You Are A Northerner Living In The South

Oh, you're making a joke about gravy miners are you? How very fucking droll...
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1. People saying “t’North”.

2. People saying in a mock Northern accent “are you from t’North?” when you introduce yourself.

3. People saying “t’” in front of any noun.

4. People asking if you are from Hull.

5. People asking if it is shit in Hull, because they have heard it is shit in Hull.

6. People asking what people from the North do when they go out.

7. The under-appreciation of gravy.

8. People looking surprised when you ask for coffee over tea.

9. People asking if you find Peter Kay funny.

10. People asking why you find Peter Kay funny, because all he does is say ‘Garlic Bread?’ and that is not funny.

11. People asking you why Leeds Castle isn’t in Leeds.

12. People asking if you are surprised by sight of the round wheel.

13. People saying “Daaan t’pit” to imply you are a coal miner.

14. People telling you Rugby League will never be as good as Rugby Union.

15. People asking you if you are a UKIP supporter.

16. People saying “if it’s outside the M25 it might as well not exist to me” but that they have heard of the Angel of the North.

17. People asking why Eccles cakes are called Eccles cakes, when they don’t look like cakes.

18. People telling you that wearing a coat in the freezing cold means that you are not a true Northerner.

19. People saying they have a friend from the north and you will probably know them.