44 Reasons Why Land Rover's Defender Is The World's Coolest Car

Forget your Ferraris and your 911s, reject your Rollers and your Bentleys, bin your BMWs and your MINIs.
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There's only one King of Cool when it comes to four wheels, The Land Rover Defender. But make sure you get the right one, don't plague yourself with "engine management" problems. Go for the model you can mend with a hammer and a spanner. The 12 seater Defender 110 300 Tdi.

Here's 44 reasons why it's top of the crop (and probably always will be).


1. Appears timeless.

2 .Commands respect in Park Lane.

3. Turns heads in Brick Lane.

4. Pulls a horse box.

5. Will pull birds.

6. Seats you and 11 mates.

7. Rides higher than a Range Rover.

8. Comes with wind up windows.

9. Let's air in through front flaps.

10. Jumps through the jungle.

11. Drifts across the desert.

12. Doesn't have a glove compartment.

13 .Hasn't got a cup holder.

14 .Takes a team on a trip.

15. Offers four side steps.

16. Has one back step.

17. Feels better as it gets older.

18. Warrants a wipe,not a wash.

19. Never has to try hard.

20. Always looks hard.

21. Bounces up and down.

22. Loves mud.

23. Converts into a bedroom.

24. Delights in dents.

25. Makes a nice noise.

26. Torques like a tractor.

27. Terrifies a Toyota.

28. Hates a Hyundai.

29. Laughs at a Lexus.

30. Munches a Mitsubishi.

31. Gives Jeeps the creeps.

32. Eats everything else.

33. Does the business.

34. Allows you to stand on it.

35. Rushes up rivers.

36. Drives through dykes.

37. Puts a smile on your face.

38. Avoids the congestion charge.

39. Can't go that fast.

40. Can go anywhere.

41. Wants to go everywhere.

42. Overtakes now and again.

43. Looks good from every angle.

44. Is all you need.

Like it says on the sticker.



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