5 DIY Drugs Ravaging Economically Challenged Countries

Rat poison, glass, human faeces and all sorts of horrible crap goes into these drugs that are spreading like wildfire...
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Paco- Argentina

In the past Argentina has primarily been a country that has transited drugs, but after the economic collapse of 2001 that saw violent riots nationwide and poverty in Argentina at an all time high it has slowly developed into a producer of cocaine, and it’s from the production of cocaine itself that 'Paco' derives. This super low budget and highly addictive drug's base is made from Andean coca leaf paste left over from the actual manufacturing of cocaine, the paste is then mixed with crushed glass, rat poison and kerosene to produce Paco, so cheap that its become commonly used amongst the children who live in the slums at a dollar a hit and so dangerous that its said to cause brain damage within months of regular use.

Wunga- South Africa

One of the most disturbing of these new underclass street drugs is 'Wunga', made up of rat poison, weed and antiretroviral medication used by HIV sufferers. The demand for the meds to make the drug is resulting in HIV patients being robbed right outside the Med centres they attend to medication which has resulted in some of the cities people taking to the streets in protest. Rolled and smoked like a spliff, Wunga is said to be highly addictive and has already claimed scores of deaths in Durban where the problem is at its worst.

Probably the most fucked-up way of getting high is Jenkem - solid human waste and urine mixed together to produce a gas which is then inhaled

Krokodil- Ukraine

A homemade cocktail of petrol, solvents, phosphorus and most importantly codeine make up the properties of the DIY budget opiate based 'Krokodil'. Its devastating effects leaves skin rotting at such an alarming rate that it starts to resemble that of a Crocodile, a users life span is on average 3years. The problem initially stemmed from the state making codeine available over the counter without prescription which enabled heroin users to cook up a cheaper alternative, though bigger problems lay ahead as the Ukraine Government plan to take it off the market this year which is expected to leave the many thousand of users of Krokodil with no help, support or rehabilitation whatsoever. Leaving the country in fear of a major on-coming heroin epidemic to take over the demand that this cheap and accessible opiate has created among the people of Ukraine.

Jenkem - Africa

Probably the most fucked-up way of getting high is Jenkem - solid human waste and urine mixed together to produce a gas which is then inhaled. Originated in Zambia by the children of Lusaka who discovered the high by hanging around local sewers its now reportedly being used in US high schools, the waste is placed in a jar and covered by a balloon which collects the fumes. Inhaling the gas is said to have a euphoric high similar to ingesting cocaine and causes hallucinations almost immediately.

Purple Drank- USA

If you've had even a passing interest in hip hop over the past few years you'll already be well familiar with purp, but to everyone else, Purple Drank is a recreational drug popular in the southern U.S. states. The main ingredient in purple drank is prescription-strength cough syrup that contains the drugs codeine and promethazine. The cough syrup is mixed into a soft drink like 7-Up, or possibly with fruit juices or even wine. Also known as 'lean' 'purple jelly' and 'syrup' the drink's been heavily associated with Lil Wyane, Paul Wall and 36 Mafia who's track "Rainbow Colors" celebrates their favourite slurp.

Tim Westood interviews Lil Wayne about "Whats in the cup"...'Purple Drank'

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