5 Things We Love This Week

Two fine eateries, some top notch booze and more - some good stuff for you to sample this week...
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Barry White - Can't Get Enough vinyl repress


A man with a voice so deep it can cause tremors on the opposite side of the world, Barry White was a giant of soul and disco with a discography as vast as his burly shoulders. His masterpiece, Can't Get Enough, has been reissued by Audio Fidelity on limited edition 180g vinyl. Beautifully crafted songs that deserve the kind of audiophile treatment this repress gives. A must buy for vinyl junkies.

Farr’s School of Dancing

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Farr’s School of Dancing in Dalston will probably get called “shabby-chic” – mismatched furniture, angle-poise lamps, spit and sawdust walls. The difference is this is no pop-up, flash-in-the-pan joint, it’s classy as fuck and has a kitchen to rival the very best. Hopefully it’ll be around for a while yet.

As a space, Farr’s is large and impressive, and makes good use of what it has. The bar sits squat in the middle of the floor, rolling out Negronis, Old Fashioneds and the typical craft ales you see in most “trendy” bars nowadays, as well as a rotating gallery of guest ales. The bar staff know what they’re talking about too, so ask them.

It’s the food that really sets this place apart though. Shaun Hurrell’s menu is small but varied, interesting but familiar and in no way intimidating. The small plate of quail and grits looks fairly unassuming, but smacks you round the face with flavour. Ditto the pork jowl salad – if you’ve never had pork jowl, imagine little bitesize chunks of pork belly, and then imagine that tossed with leeks and mustard potatoes and oh god oh god.

As a Welshman I naturally gravitate towards lamb whenever it’s on a menu – the champion of all meats when treated with respect. The Lamb Neck for two at Farr’s is one of the best things I’ve put in my mouth – a hulking, dripping, gorgeous bit of meat, charred sticky-black on the outside, served with grilled flatbreads and coriander salad. The spice powder you’re given to sprinkle on top looks like nothing, but is revelatory. Novels should be written about that lamb neck. Great, sprawling, epic novels about hedonism and debauchery. Try it, you’ll see.

- @CmonHarris

Ace And Tate Sunglasses


Ooof. Where's that sun gone? Can someone arrange for it to come back so we can start wearing these badboys? This new collection of four frames by Ace and Tate has got us pining for the warmer weather, influenced by tropical plants and the photography of Helmut Newton. Pure tortoiseshell riviera steez, and for under a hundred quid too.



The world's most awarded rum has been Sabotage Times' most celebrated drink over this last week. They kindly sent us a bottle to celebrate the company opening its archives to let people know a bit about its history. We'll relay some of that information to you now: Bacardi has been going since 1862, founded in Cuba by a 'Don Facundo Bacardi Masso', which in the top 10 names we've ever heard, and it's still a family run company.

Don Facundo was the first to identify and use an isolated single strain of yeast he discovered in the sugarcane fields in Santiago de Cuba to ensure the consistent, unique flavor of his rum. The same strain is still used today in Cuba Libres, Mojitos, Daiquiris and plenty of other delicious tipples.

Boopshi's Schnitzel & Spritz, Fitzrovia


Finding somewhere to eat that isn't jammed full of Instagramming faux-foodies, FourSquaring their dining experience and their queuing can be pretty diffiuclt. However, situated pretty inconspicuously at the top (or bottom, whatever) of Whitfield Street, just a street away from the chain sushi joints and electrical retailers of Tottenham Court Road, lies the recently opened Boopshi's. Inside is spare but welcoming, neat sharing tables in lines with a shabby bar at the back, the decor is functional and the food is fantastic. I'd never had schnitzel before - I'll admit I thought it was just a breaded chicken escalope when it was at home. Crumbed chicken, no biggie. What I had, the veal schnitzel and way more besides, was NOT what I was expecting. Soft, succulent, thinly sliced rose veal (the famed 'weiner schnitzel') in the midst of a lighter-than-something-super-light batter. I've tried schnitzel since and it just can't compete. Schnitzel now began and ended at Boopshi's for me.

It's only a well-armed stone's throw away from our office and suffice to say, if I'm ever in the mood for hearty Austrian-Germanic cuisine (which is now ALWAYS) I'll nip down. The other dishes, too, are to practically die for: sauerkraut and speck, spatzle and cheese, the bratwurst (oh dear, beautiful food God, that bratwurst) and the chicken schnitzel too were all delicious and I have to say that, yes, I was with company when I ventured into the restaurant and, yes, we shared a few dishes and, no, I did not like sharing. I ate as much as I could shotgun and regretted none of it.

Oh and they've got Prosecco on tap. That's the spritz part - prosecco-spritz cocktails. Yeah, that's right: Prosecco. On tap.

- @SamDiss