5 Things We Love This Week

Stuff to eat, listen to, wear and generally get down to this week, should the mood strike you.
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Brindisa Tapas


Much-hyped London tapas gaff Barrafina opened a new Covent Garden branch this month, which is great and all, but in my eyes you'll never beat Brindisa. They operate restaurants, a stall in Borough Market and an online shop, so after you've sat at their table and stuffed your mush full of the most sublime charcuterie these isles can boast, you can waddle home and order some in for home. The chickpea pot with cod and spinach was a dark horse last time I went.

Book a table, buy some food or just make yourself fucking hungry by looking at pictures of food at Brindisa.com

Launer London Wallets


The irony is that an article dedicated to emptying your wallet each week is now recommending you buy a new one, but that's besides the point. The colour pops on these are a fancy little eye catcher and each edge is hand turned to ensure a traditionally crafted finish. Another irony is that Launer, who hold a royal warrant, make lizard skin products. You can make your own David Icke connections there.

Available from LaunerLondon

John Morales - Club Motown


The latest compilation from OG disco producer John Morales is a big hitter. During the 70s and 80s Morales was prolific, laying his 'M&M' stamp on some of the era's most enduring tunes. Using the original masters, he's reworked some of Motown's biggest tracks from an era often unfairly thought to be past the label's best. Also included is Morales' renowned remix of Teena Marie's I Need Your Loving, which you'll have heard at any disco night worth it's salt since the limited release last year.

Available to buy here

My Book Of Absurd Letters To Football Clubs


Struan J Marjoribanks writes extremely funny prank letters to football clubs. He has requested that a dead budgie's ashes be scattered on the pitch, offered to make inspirational music for the team bus and enquired about a shoe lost during an exuberant goal celebration. The clubs usually write back and entertain him, and now the letters have been published in a book to entertain everyone else. If you want full-on belly laughs, buy this.

Available now here

100 Ideas That Changed The Web

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.39.56

We had robot house servants, flying cars and meals in pill form, but nobody in any '60s sci-fi B-movie ever predicted that we'd have a world wide electronic network called 'the internet' where people could watch porn, order takeaways at 4am and share pictures of dogs with amusing facial expressions. We all know that the internet has changed the world, but this book tackles the things that have shaped the web itself, from memes to blogging to webcams. It's not as geeky as it sounds, it's actually a really interesting history of the things we now take for granted online.

Available now right this second from Laurence King