6 Great Podcasts To Plug Your Ears Into

Podcasts make very boring experiences much, much more interesting. However, before you begin navigating the huge jungle of podcasts, here's a guide to 6 great ones to tune into...
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If you want something more engaging or interesting than a song in your ears, something just a bit more substantive, then podcasts are for you. They're brilliant, it's the only way to put it. They can make a lot of  normally very boring experiences much, much more interesting. However, before you begin navigating the huge jungle of podcasts, I have a general guide to the pod casting world, in the form of a 6 great podcasts list, below.

1. BBC Podcasts

I know. This isn't really one podcast. The BBC, however, provide brilliant podcasts for almost every subject, from film (Mark Kermode) to comedy (BBC Comedy Podcasts). It's an incredibly large set in terms of quality and quantity, and I can't really bring myself to exclude any of them. I especially recommend the 5-Live World Football Phone-In, for the football fans among us.


2. The Onion

The American Newspaper, maybe not known to many in the UK has a podcast worth listening to. The Onion is the king of Spoof Headlines like "US Department of Corruption denies Right-Doing" and "Endangered Wildlife to be given new identities in Species Potection Program". Well Worth a place on your iPod.


3. Guardian Football Weekly

James Richardson's Football Weekly is already well known for it's humour and informative qualities. With guests from all around the Guardian Offices, and some around in the football world, Football Weekly is  probably the best football podcast out there.


4. Planet Money

Although this podcast is centred on the discussion of business and economics, it's a really funny look into the world economy and economic policy in general. Is Jargon-Free and quite accessible. Simplistic and user-friendly, I recommend it whole heartedly.


5. No Pressure to be Funny

Brilliant Comedy Podcast. It's in a panel show format, with guests coming on to discuss topical news events. Guests have included Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London, and comedians Ian Stone, Holly Walsh and Lee Camp.



This is a great show, if you're interested in the tech stuff that Wired covers. It's a 40 minute long look into all things tech, and a great source if you want to understand WIRED magazine.


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