7 Things You Should Never Do At A Casino

Casino etiquette? Yes, but also common gaming knowledge. In a place where the sky’s the limit, the alcohol is flowing, and everyone is having a good time, you might be tempted to forget that casinos have rules. They do, and if you break them, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with a very large security guard. Gambling has some rules, too, and aside from the game rules themselves, there is also common sense you should employ whenever you step up to the tables. What shouldn’t you do when in a casino? Keep reading to learn seven no-no’s that will get you in trouble one way or another.
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1. Don’t Think It’s a Surefire Win

Putting the law of attraction aside, if you walk into a casino or log on to a virtual one with the attitude that you cannot lose, you’ve just lost. The house stacks the odds in its favor no matter which house you play in, and you must be prepared to take losses. Don’t gamble if you don’t have money to lose, because you will lose more often than not. In fact, the longer you play, the higher your loss-to-win ratio.

2. Don’t Replenish Your Cash

Once you’ve lost it all, don’t head over the ATM conveniently located in the casino to take out more cash. Don’t take a cash advance on your credit card, either. This, first of all, is a sign that you’re a compulsive gambler. Secondly, you will likely lose that money, too, and then where will you be? What if you lose so much that you can’t make your car payment, buy food, pay your utility bills or rent?

3. Don’t Try to Win Your Rent

Hollywood has a bad habit of portraying people with nothing walking desperately into a casino and winning everything need and so much more. This rarely happens. Rarely. If you don’t have enough money to pay your bills with some leftover, you don’t have enough money to gamble. Don’t risk losing what you have with the mindset you’ll win your rent or other financial needs at a table or machine.

4. Don’t Pay for Drinks

A disturbing trend has sprung up in Las Vegas: Some casinos are charging players for their drinks. Don’t pay for your drinks. Period. Granted if you’re playing on Cashino, the only alcohol service is virtual, and that’s not very refreshing. Nonetheless, gambling at a casino that doesn’t comp drinks means more money out of your pocket that could be used for play. Avoid casinos that don’t refresh their players.

5. Don’t Drink Carelessly

Even though the drinks are free, you shouldn’t be careless and get sloppy with your drink or play. If you spill your drink on the table, you shut the play down and inconvenience casino staff and the other players. If become obnoxious or rude, or get so drunk you cannot control yourself, you will invite security to give you a quick boot out of the casino or a rough toss into the casino jail. Don’t get drunk.

6. Don’t Stiff the Cocktail Server

High-roller, low-roller, whatever you are, your cocktail server makes minimum wage and relies on her tips for income. Don’t stiff her – ever. If you have money to play, you have money to give her $1 per drink, which is the common tip. Don’t harass her, either. She’s not there for your adult entertainment even though she’s dresses sexily. She’s there to serve you drinks, so be polite and always tip.

7. Don’t Stiff Your Dealer, Either

Finally, the dealer makes minimum wage, too, so don’t stiff him or her, either. In most cases, dealers pool their tips at the end of the night and split them between the entire crew, so be polite and understand that he or she is helping you enjoy your play time. A good rule of thumb is to tip the dealer $5 for every hour you play. Another approach is to tip him or her each time you win.

Casinos are fun, whether actual or virtual, but they can become a monster if you play beyond your means or do something to draw negative attention to yourself. Keep your enjoyment maxed out by playing smart, playing well with others – including the cocktail server and dealer – and keeping the house odds in mind. Common sense meets casino etiquette: Don’t play more than you can afford to lose, don’t drink too much, and tip your cocktail servers and dealers.