9 Well Meaning But F**king Annoying Things People Say To A Cancer Patient

As a cancer patient, I find myself inundated with messages of support. What many people don't realise however, is that they're not always being very supportive...
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This is a list of all the well meaning, but fucking annoying things that people have said to me. This list will get longer over the months I'm sure...

1. You'll be fine....I have cancer. I already am not fine!

2. At least it's breast cancer. People don't die as much from that one......um yes they do, why don't you fucking have it as its such a walk in the park!

3. I know a woman who had it and she's fine....well bully for her, perhaps you should be my doctor seeing as how you are so clued up!

4. You're so brave.....no, a soldier is brave, a paramedic is brave when entering a riot situation, a fireman is brave everytime they walk into a burning building. They have a choice. I have no choice. I cry a lot just not in front of you.

Yeah I've been a bit run down lately. I've had this terrible cold........fuck off!

5. My friend had it and worked all the way through.....well fuck me! Who knew that cancer was a competition!?

6. Stay positive and you'll be fine.....oh well perhaps I'll not bother with chemo if the doctor says i will need it then. I'll just stay positive...also YOU FUCKING TRY STAYING POSITIVE!

7. I shall come round and see you tomorrow......from relatives who have not bothered coming to see me for months. What? Better come round before I die...look like you've made an effort eh?!

8. Just look how well Kylie looks!!.....because she is Kylie doesn't mean she didn't go through hell. Have you read her story?

9. Yeah I've been a bit run down lately. I've had this terrible cold........fuck off!

We will be hosting the rest of Lorna King's diary of being a cancer patient on Sabotage Times in the coming days...

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