A Bike's Winter Wardrobe

Weather affects bikes as much as it does us humans; therefore if you want to keep it in ship-shape you need to have the right gear...
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That time of year has come again when my bike has to hang up its summer wardrobe and gets ready for the winter months.

Out go my sexy Cinelli track drops, in place of risers and on goes the mudguard for the next 6 months or so. Its most depressing that lights become a resident and the nearest thing I've found to nice looking bike lights are those rubbery Knog fellas. Even though they look pretty ineffectual, with a fresh battery and set at a rakish angle they can give a pretty obnoxious dazzle.


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I don’t like the sit up and beg riding position riser bars give but I reckon my back’ll thank me and the increase in torque when riding out of the saddle and climbing is noticeable. Also the slim but grippy Charge grips will make a big difference on wet, cold mornings rather than slipping about on naked drop bars. I’ll have to adopt the function over form philosophy to get over the decrease in aesthetics; I always think a track frame looks its best with deep drop bars, the only time risers suit are on a lo-pro set up, but that's just me.

In regards to the rear mudguard I don’t have a single bad word to say about that £2 piece of plastic attached with zip ties, as there's no better feeling than a dry bum on a rainy day.

Knog Lights  start at £8 and can be bought  here


Brev.M Riser bars start at £10.49 and can be bought here

Charge Grips start at £6.99 and can be bought here

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